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Learn how to make money in real estate. We cover news, trends, styles, markets, demographics, and technology that affect real estate investing. We also talk to market leaders and trend setters. Lastly, there's a bit of how-to information on nearly every show, with topics, Q&A from listeners, and presentations from our guests. Learn how to make and grow a fortune in your spare time or as a new career.

Oct 30, 2021

Have you been thinking about adding probates to your investing portfolio? Well today is your chance to get started. We are going to hear how to get leads and add probates to your list of deal sources.

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Oct 28, 2021

I can’t find any deals! How often have you heard that lately? How often have you SAID that lately? Well, if you’re looking for rentals, after today you will have no excuse.

Norada Real Estate is an award winning turn-key rental housing provider. Now to be clear, they do not provide the housing to the renters, they...

Oct 23, 2021

Do you run your business or does your business run you? If the latter is true, this show is especially for you. 

Mark Dolfini is the author of the best selling “Time Wealthy Investor.” He is also a trainer and coach in the real estate space. He has observed that success in this business depends on the state of your...

Oct 21, 2021

Summer is over - Fall is upon us. The nights are getting chilly. It’s time to break out the BRRRR method. Wait - is that a cold weather investing strategy? We will set the record straight today.

The BRRRR method is cool. Pun intended. I was doing this long before I knew it had a name. But it’s still cool. You can...

Oct 16, 2021

Want to get started Wholesaling? You have to hear what we are about to bring you. 

David Olds is joining us in a few minutes to talk about wholesaling, dispositions, and real estate in general. He’s a smart guy who can help you go from starting up to financially comfortable in a hurry. 

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