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Oct 18, 2019

Technology is a huge part of the world around us and real estate is no exception. We have been researching the use of technology in real estate investing for some time now and are attempting to create a resource page for your use and reference. Today as we open the subject, I’m going to share with you how we have tentatively outlined the subject, listed programs, websites, and apps to check out, and how we are going to open this up for YOU to contribute to the listings. This will likely become an ongoing feature of the show. We certainly won’t cover everything today or even next time, but we know it’s an important part of investing so we are going to make it a regular topic. 

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Topic: RE Tech

The Purpose of Technology

It’s not a replacement.

  1. Doesn’t replace understanding 
    1. what a deal is.
    2. The process of getting a deal done
  2. Doesn’t create common sense - comps.
  3. Doesn’t replace the need to build relationships.
  4. Won’t go see properties for you, although we are getting closer on that all the time.
  5. It may suggest a solution, but it won’t make a decision (and we don’t want it to).

It’s a Tool

  1. Automate procedures
  2. Speed up processes
  3. Analyze big data sets
  4. Saves time (maybe - sometimes the setup and error correction take longer than it would have to do it manually in the first place. HOWEVER - once it’s done, the same process can be repeated much faster in the future.) 

RE Tech:


  1. Branded RE sites and apps
    6. Keller Williams
    7. Homes for Sale, Rent app
    8. Century 21 Local
    9. USHUD Foreclosure Home Search
    10. Homesnap
    11. Hotpads
    12. Realty One app
    13. StreetEasy NYC Rentals
    14. HAR Texas Real Estate
    15. Movoto Real Estate
    16. HomeSpotter Real Estate
    18. ERA Real Estate
    19. GoMLS
    20. Room8
    21. LoopNet 
    22. Idealista
    23. Estately Real Estate Search
    24. BHG Real Estate Homes
    25. CoStar Commercial
    26. Airbnb
    27. RadPad
    28. PropertiesBook Real Estate
    29. Millions Mapped Real Estate
    30. Compass Real Estate - Homes
    31. Xome
    1. PropStream
    2. Privy 
    3. Remine app. Not for the small budget 
  2. Software for Property Information and Valuation
    1. Driving for Dollars Apps.
    2. Deal Analyzers, including spreadsheets people sell
    3. Financial calculators
    4. Pinpoint Profits, connected investors
    5. Website templates
  3. Software for Prospecting
    1. Land Glide
    2. Road Warriors
    3. Driving for Dollars
    4. MileLogger - Mileage Tracker
    5. RealEstate Profinder
    6. HomeScout
    7. HomeTrust Real Estate (off market properties)
    8. Deal Machine App
    10. REI Skip
    1. DealCheck
    2. DealCrunch Property Analyzer
    3. Syndicated Deal Analyzer, Mike Blank,
    4. RehabValuator, Daniil Kleyman
    5. Dave Robertson
    1. Mortgage Calculator by QL
    2. Loan Calculator
    3. PowerOne FE
    1. Construction Mgt.
    2. Estimation Software
    3. Rental Mgt.
    4. RE Investing Business Mgt
    5. RE Brokerage
    6. Contracts
  4. Software for Management
    1. Contractor tools
    2. Fieldwire Construction Management
    3. Contractor Foreman
    4. Procore
    5. Buildertrend
    6. Smartsheet
    7. Raken Construction Management 
    8. Project Construction Estimator
    9. Magical Home Plans
    1. RECalc Mortgage Calculator
    2. DealCheck
    3. Rehab property Calculator
    4. Mogul Real Estate Calculator
    5. Scoper
    6. Rehab Calculator
    7. Mastery App
    8. NYC Closing Estimator
    9. HomeAdvisor
    10. Google “construction estimator” for a bunch more
    1. Landlord Tycoon
    2. Landlordy Property Management
    3. Stessa
    4. Rentredi 
    1. RealeFlow
    2. FreedomSoft (or similar)
    1. Real Estate Exam for Dummies App
    2. Real Estate Exam Practice
    3. Real Estate Dictionary
    4. Real Estate Exam Prep 
    5. Real Estate Pocket Prep
    6. Premiere Agen, RE CRM
    7. RPR Mobile (Realtors only)
    8. FlexMLS (Realtors only)
    9. Showing Time
    10. Supra eKey
    11. MoveTo
    12. RedX
    13. Arch Agent
    14. LandVoice
    15. Sales Genie
    1. Docusign
    2. Dotloop
    3. Sign In and Send PDF
    1. Attom Data
    2. CoreLogic
    3. HousingWire
    4. SM2
    5. RP Data Pro
    6. TopConnector
    7. Property Passbook
  5. Data Sources
    1. Connected Investors, website and app
    2. Bigger Pockets
    3. Inman
    4. RIS Media
    5. Trulia’s Blog
    6. RedFin blog
    7. Zillow PorchLight
    8. Geek Estate
    9. Property Cluster
    12. The Bigger Pockets
    13. 1000 Watt 
    14. Lighter Side of Real Estate
    15. Epic Real Estate
    16. Home Warranties 
    17. Power Site Blog 
  6. Blogs
    1. FlippIt! - House Flipper
    2. Landlord Tycoon
    3. Real Estate Mogul
    4. Real Estate Tycoon Business
  7. Games
    1. Fundrise
    2. Landa 
    4. Patch of Land
    7. Cadre 
    8. Arbor Crowd
    9. RealCrowd
    10. CrowdStreet
    11. PeerStreet
    12. Small Change
    13. RealtyMogul
  8. Investing Sites
    1. and app
    2. and app
    3. HUD Home
    6. Ontario HiBid
  9. Auctions
    1. RealEstate Templates for Pages
  10. Miscellaneous Software and Apps


  1. Measuring devices
    1. Arrim
    1. Key Hero
  2. Construction tools
    1. Smart Home stuff. 
  3. Tech for the rehabbed house


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