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Apr 22, 2020

Today we are talking about a form of passive real estate income that can create cash-flow, tax advantages, and build wealth. I’m talking about turn-key rentals and today we have two of the best - Jack Gibson and Jeff Schecter. A Turn-key rental is a property you buy from someone that has already been rehabbed and is ready for the rental market. It may already be rented! A good turn-key supplier can recommend a property manager or two. The best don’t do the property management. They have enough to do with locating and rehabbing the properties for you and this helps you avoid possible conflicts of interest between construction, maintenance, and management. Jack and Jeff have been in this business for years. They approach their craft with integrity, understanding of the market and awareness of your needs. If you are on the hunt for cash-flowing rentals - if you are pulling money out of the equity markets and looking for a safe place to put it, you are going to want to connect with them.  

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Guest: Jeff Schecter and Jack Gibson

  • Jeff Schecter, Jack Gibson
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  • A business that can help people restart their lives (not a life coach). 
  • Help people develop skill sets to not have to look for a job. 
  • The Gig Economy. 

Shecky  - the Gig Economy will explode. 

  • Projects that accelerate sustainability and fixing the earth. 
  • Multiple Streams of Income. 

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