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Mar 22, 2021

“There is more to a piece of property than the numbers. But if the numbers don’t work, move on.” 

What do you see in your first look at a prospective property investment? I believe that before you look too hard at the property’s potential and definitely before you start remodeling bathrooms in your imagination, you should take a hard look at the numbers. 

But what are the numbers? Which numbers do we consider? And how do we put them together to understand the deal? Today on this show I am going to talk about all of the essential numbers you need whether you are flipping or holding and will also point out a few numbers that investors often overlook.  

Mindset Moment:

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  • Kate, Chattanooga, TN I'm new into this but need some advice on moving forward to be a real estate investor and quit the w2 9-5. A little background- I bought a house that is a rental now and a couple years ago I bought a duplex in Chattanooga, TN where I now live in 1/2 and rent the other. I'm potentially about to refinance the duplex which is about 4.6%. My thoughts on getting more properties and passive income is that I need to get another loan to buy another house as a primary residence as I don't have enough to put the 25% down required for an investment property (but have great credit). 
  • It’s a tough transition and to be honest with you, you’re going to have to work some long hours to pull this off - at the beginning. But if you are ready, it goes something like this:
    • Find a deal,
    • Find a partner or the money
    • Bird dog if you have to.
    • Wholesale if you can
    • Flip when you are able.
    • Use the profits to invest in cash flow. 
  • There are steps to each of those of course, but that’s a basic outline for getting out of a W2 job. The hardest part is the first step. You are wise in your approach to buying another home. You will have to be able to qualify for both payments until you have two years of rental income on your tax return. Bay Mountain Capital can loan you money on rentals before that time based on the rents’ ability to cover the debt service. This is known in the business as Debt Service Coverage Ratio. Banks won’t do that right away. But if you can qualify to make the duplex payment and then make another payment you could be on your way. 
  • With excellent credit you can probably start building up business credit with my friend Bill Jennings. Click this link to check it out:
  • The great thing about this is once you have the credit established, it does not come back to your personal credit score. If you are better than a 720, Bill can get you a LOT of operating capital. That gives you money for things like down-payments and my coaching program. :)    (waaaaay less expensive than Fortune Builders). 
  • I started in single family. I became an expert in single-family. I can make a lot of money in single-family and I probably will continue to do so. But there’s nothing preventing me from adding a little multi-family in there as well. But my involvement will most likely be as a passive investor with someone else. 

Motivational Quote:

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot”

Michael Altshuler