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Aug 23, 2021

The number 2 largest issue we hear about here at Flipping America is problems with contractors. For busy house flippers, it can be the very bane of our existence. Today - we take big steps toward solving this problem. 

Fixing and Flipping homes is a business with a lot of moving parts. For that business to function properly, everyone must do their job. The biggest determiners of your profitability are your acquisition price and your renovation costs. And renovation problems kill many a good deal. But I can personally attest that if you have a great contractor, this business is much much easier. 

Eric Ridenour is the Research and Strategy Director for Home DNB, Inc.  (design and build), on the web at Home DNB is an industry disrupter that makes the reno process easy. He worked his way through college in landscape and specialty tile/stonework construction before pursuing his degree in business administration. Now in his work with HomeDnB he was featured in AUTHORITY MAGAZINE’s series of articles “House Flipping: 5 Things You Need To Know To Create A Successful Career Buying, Rehabbing, and Selling Properties,” was profiled in FORMIDABLE MEN magazine and is frequently quoted in media.

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  • What are some good real estate investing apps to help solve challenges we face as real estate investors?
  • From your experience, what are some of the best tax strategies for flippers?
  • What are some great hedge fund platforms for investors looking for their next fix/flip or rental project?
  • What is the best insurance to put on your property for plumbing, HVAC,  and etc?
  • More and more investors are looking for more convenient ways to purchase property and land...How do you feel about buying online without physically seeing, and do you use any online purchasing platforms? 

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