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Aug 26, 2021

In case you didn’t know this, I am a man. And as a man, I find it difficult - if not impossible - to see and experience life from a woman’s point of view. According to my beautiful and loving wife, one of the smartest things about me is I realize I don’t understand women at all. But there is a need for women to understand real estate, real estate investing, and financial literacy. But what can I - as a clueless man - do to make a difference? I can have people like today’s guest Kat Timpson on my show. Plus I’ve got updates on interest rates, 3-D printed homes, a couple of top 25 lists and a top ten list, and more questions from you than I’ll have time for today I’m sure. 

Kathryn is President of the North Central Jersey Women’s Council of Realtors and is committed to helping women become financially literate and invest in real estate. She’s joining us in a few minutes to talk about her activities and plans. 

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MIndset Moment:

I’ve watched new people come in for years. Those with an edge hit stride quickly and do well. For others it takes longer. It’s a steep learning curve

Real Estate

Business Ownership


If you have a background in one of those you have a leg up on others who are getting into the investing world. 

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Questions from Listeners:

  • Sandra, Kansas City, MO, “How do you get in and see all the properties around the country you and your investors are buying?”
  • Allison, Milwaukee, WI, “I have a full-time job, but I’m so ready to get started in this business. My plan is to flip a house, then use some of the profits as a down-payment on a rental. I have about 10 hours a week I can spend. What is a realistic goal for me to reach by the end of 2022 ?
  • Eduardo, Houston, TX “I’m a short drive from the beach and a short drive from some fairly inexpensive rental properties. I don’t have enough money to do both. If you were in my shoes what would your preference be? I’ve run the numbers and the beach properties could be a little bit more lucrative.”
  • Cindy, Chattanooga, TN “How do you decide whether a town is too small to flip a house?”
  • Barry, Macon, GA “We have some areas here in downtown Macon that really need revitalizing. I believe I can help with that by fixing up some of the houses. We could make a positive impact, but my contractor doesn’t want to work down there. Any suggestions?”
  • Altomar, Boulder, CO, “Prices are crazy here anywhere near the campus. What would you suggest to people with a bit of money but not enough to do a 600k loan?” 
  • Lamar, Atlanta, GA “The house across the street from my current project is vacant and the owners stay just about a 3 minute drive from where I live. I’m pretty sure they inherited it. I thought about knocking on their door the other day, but I don’t know what I would say. How would you try to buy it?”

Motivational Quote:

"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception." - Ruth Bader Ginsburg