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Sep 23, 2021

If you know how to put together a creative deal structure, you’ll be able to say “yes” to a lot more opportunities. Today we are going to share some secrets with you that will let you do that. 


We will be joined in a little while by Scott Ulmer and Tan Michell. They appeared recently on a Flipping America REIA live event to talk about Subject-To Secrets. Scott is one of the principles at Little Pink Houses of America, a fine organization that is buying and selling all over the country. They are looking for affiliate relationships in many areas. If you want to learn how to do creative deal structures, both on the buy AND the sell side, you may want to consider becoming one of their affiliates. They provide the training, guidance as you go, and back office support for your deals. They don’t have to make repairs, hire contractors, or wait for rehabs to complete. They will pay an owner a fair price for their home with a deal structure and then sell to someone on their buyers list with another deal structure. It works well and, in my view, is a more honest approach than that taken by the so-called iBuyers. 

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  • I am biggggggg on energy: I love Starr because she talks alot about having the right mindset in life. From your experience Roger, What type of mindset should you have coming into real estate investing?
  • I have put about 65,000 into an investment property I bought 3yrs ago and have only been able to get back $30,000 and that's because I did a cash-out refi. My property has a BPO of $240,000, I owe 198,000 on it...should I sell it?
  • I live by... “invest in yourself”. Roger, I know you mentor others who inspire you to become great investors, however who inspires you at this point in your real estate career...any mentors?
  • I am very young -18 to be exact. I have a little capital and I want to invest in real estate right away. If you had 450,000 to invest right now would you invest it...think of yourself as 18?

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