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Sep 27, 2021

“One who never asks anything either knows everything or knows nothing.” You’ve asked, and today we answer your questions. 

We do this from time to time. As the questions build up, we just take a moment to answer them. 

Email your questions to Please always tell us where you are from. We like to know where the show is being heard. And let us know how you found out about us if you don’t mind. 

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Questions from Listeners: starr ask…”what would roger do”

  • Roger, If you had 450,000 to invest right would you invest it, but there is a twist...think of yourself as age 28?
  • Roger, where would you build, buy, invest internationally and why? 
  • Would you buy real estate with crypto currency?

Questions from Listeners:

  • Can a first time rehabber be in any state and still work with you as a rehab consultant for the rehab program?
  • MerryLynn, Milwaukee, WI “I am thinking of buying a condo to use for AirBnB. But the building a block away just banned owners from using AirBnB. Can they do that? And what would I do if they banned it in my building?”
  • Samuel, Long Beach, CA “My flip is in a real hipster area. Should I do the wild colors I’m seeing up and down the street or be more neutral? I’m not sure how to go in-between.”
  • Elizabeth, Denver CO, “Can you flip apartments?”
  • Milo, Columbus, OH, “Someone told me the Columbus market is hot. So tell me why my flip property isn’t selling? It’s the only rehabbed house in the neighborhood so it’s price well above the other houses, but it should sell anyway right?”
  • MaryAnn, Morgantown, WV, “I am having trouble getting a hard money loan or a private money loan because I have no experience. Please tell me what I can do.”
  • Sidney, Lancaster, PA, “I can buy a duplex that will bring 1500/month in rents for $150,000 or I can buy a single family for $120,000 that will bring 1200/month. They both seem to be the same in terms of the return. The duplex seems like more work. What are some other things I need to be thinking about to decide which?
  • Alana, Phoenix, AZ, “I have a property under contract and with three days to go until closing my seller notified me that they are cancelling the agreement and going with another offer. Can they do that?” 
  • Alison, Milwaukee, WI, “What do you look for in a Property Management company?”
    • They handle the eviction.
    • If in the first 12 months, do they offer a break or discount on placement fee of new tenant? (kind of important)
    • Character and reputation
    • Not necessarily the lowest fees, but not more than 10% either. 
    • Do they have in-house repair crew? (that’s a no-go)
    • Will they give me the option to make repairs with my crew? (ok then)
    • What is their reporting procedure?
    • How do they handle late payments?
    • What happens when they evict?
    • We have sent you our free guide to hiring Property Management.
  • Garrett, Boulder, CO, “I think my property is priced correctly but it’s not showing. What could I be doing to market it better?”
  • Utembe, Minneapolis, MN, “Can you put me on your VIP buyers’ list for the inexpensive houses?” 

Motivational Quote:

When you think of it, really there are four fundamental questions of life. You've asked them, I've asked them, every thinking person asks them. They boil down to this; origin, meaning, morality and destiny. 'How did I come into being? What brings life meaning? How do I know right from wrong? Where am I headed after I die?'

Ravi Zacharias