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Sep 23, 2022

I gotta be honest with you. I didn’t think this topic would make it to the show. I was skeptical about the concept and the structure of what you are about to hear about didn’t sit well with me. But Derrick Barker won me over, as I’m sure he will for you also. So today on Flipping America we are going to learn how you can sell your cash flow. Derrick Barker from Nectar is joining us in a few minutes to talk about an interesting way of raising money that doesn’t involve debt. Nectar is an online financing and data platform built to provide fast, flexible capital to short term rental owners and operators. They provide experienced real estate entrepreneurs access to cash flow based financing and sell diversified, fully passive cash flow backed investments to accredited investors. Derrick is the co-founder and CEO of Nectar, the first-ever cash flow marketplace for real estate entrepreneurs. He has 12 years of experience in real estate development, operations, and finance. Prior to starting Nectar, Derrick began his career as a trader at Goldman Sachs. He eventually left that position to focus on real estate, growing his portfolio to more than 4,700 units and $400 million in asset value. Since then, Derrick has helped build multiple successful real estate businesses. He and his Nectar co-founder, Brittany Mosely, are members of ScaleUp ATL and graduates of the TechStars Atlanta accelerator.