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Nov 16, 2022

I’ve been paying attention to real estate and real estate investing for a long time. I watched the rise of the so-called iBuyers, and I’m fairly confident I will be here to see their demise. If you listen to the show much, you know that I’m a positive upbeat kind of guy. I never set up my interview guests for embarrassment, I do not thrive on controversy, and although I don’t shy away from healthy disagreement, I’m not here to argue with anyone. That said, part of my purpose is to expose the bad guys - those who build large businesses with a fundamentally dishonest business model. I’ve spent a fair amount of airtime criticizing in particular the Hotel Room Real Estate Gurus and the iBuyers. Sometimes the premise is noble enough and the vision is grand enough, but at some point someone behind the scenes realizes this thing isn’t going to work unless we make some adjustments. This usually comes in the form of high pressure manipulative sales tactics from the Gurus and deceptive practices, including hidden or junk fees and unexpected repair bills.