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Learn how to make money in real estate. We cover news, trends, styles, markets, demographics, and technology that affect real estate investing. We also talk to market leaders and trend setters. Lastly, there's a bit of how-to information on nearly every show, with topics, Q&A from listeners, and presentations from our guests. Learn how to make and grow a fortune in your spare time or as a new career.

Jan 20, 2023

This show is called Flipping America, but it’s a big wide world out there and there are investment opportunities all over it. We are going to explore that a bit today. Ronan McMahon is the editor of Real Estate Trend Alert, Your Overseas Dream Home, and a contributing editor to International Living. Ronan’s newsletter, “Your Overseas Dream Home” is delivered to readers’ inboxes daily. No matter what level of real estate investor you are, there’s plenty of great info for you. In it, you’ll read about every promising international real estate investing idea Ronan and his team comes across. He also brings you up to speed on his favorite markets for making “double your money” gains through either capital gains, rental income, or both. He also shares his key strategies for identifying profit opportunities in some of the most beautiful locations worldwide—by Caribbean, Pacific, and Atlantic beaches, in glamorous European cities, in quaint little mountain towns, or anywhere else that might interest you. I’m happy to tell you that Ronan is going to join us shortly. We will talk about his investment model and how you can get involved in investing all around the world. Dianna and I read his newsletter regularly.