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Feb 1, 2023

Bloomberg just published an article with the headline, “Wall Street Is Losing Out to Amateur Buyers in the Housing Slump” I have a question: Who are you calling an amateur? They assume the analysts in cubicles in New York are the pros and we are the amateurs simply because of bias. It’s more than just semantics, but I submit that pros do whatever they do for money. Amateurs have other reasons. And it’s the small investors like you and me who are making money at this game. The big institutional businesses, hedge funds and iBuyers, are not really making any money. I would submit that while the premise of the article is factually correct, the labels should be reversed. WE are they pros. THEY are the amateurs. 

There’s a lot going on in real estate right now and we need some time to unpack it. Which I’m going to do today. 

Ok ok, I do know a lot about single family residential investing. But once you get into other asset classes, it’s not all that hard to stump me. Fortunately, I know a lot of smart and experienced people from many different real estate asset classes and strategies. So ask whatever you want. We will know the answer or go get you one.

We have some good questions coming up today.