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Feb 3, 2023

What’s it like to invest in real estate in Canada? Are you tired of government overreach, wary of the “fixes” the government is putting into the economy? Do you avoid investing in rules and restriction-heavy environments like California, New York, and New Jersey? If so, you’ll be interested in hearing just how much WORSE it is in Canada. Today’s show will make you proud to be an American, although that was surely not the point when we recorded it. Matthew Ablakhan is a young motivated investor, the son of displaced Iraqi Christian parents. He and his brother started investing, then set up a mortgage company, and then a real estate brokerage. Together they lead a growing company in suburban Toronto. Canadian law rules out all but the wealthiest developers. Mortgage rules essentially require homeowners to make plans based on future interest rates (and who knows what they will be?). These and other issues make it challenging to make money in Canadian real estate. In fact, many Canadian investors choose to put their real estate investing money elsewhere. But Matthew and his team are sticking it out for now and doing well. We are going to hear all about that in a few minutes.