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Jun 15, 2020

We sometimes take technology for granted in our world. I’m not going to turn this into your daddy’s talk about how he had to walk to school every day 5 miles, uphill each way in rain or snow. But I will tell you that when I started in this business TVs were not flat and phones didn’t take pictures or send emails. Yes things have come a long way and this is not just to tell you that I’m old or I’ve been at this a long time. Both of those are true, but the point is, technological advances make it easier for us to do our jobs as real estate investors. I hope i don’t get to the point (as I know some of my friends have) where I say “I just don’t want to learn another new technology.” That statement ultimately deprives us of conveniences and advances. Besides, one way to fight dementia is to keep learning and keep the brain active. So there. 

Today we are joined by technology whiz Nick Baldo. Nick started young - just out of college in his hometown of Buffalo, NY and hit the ground running with today’s tech. In time he realized that not everyone made the best use of the technology and seeing a need, he created a niche and another income stream. This my friends is how you do it. Add related businesses and generate income. But this isn’t the Multiple Income Streams show - this is the Real Estate Technology show, so we will get to that in just a few minutes. 

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  • The shut-downs continue across the country blamed on the corona virus, but now I see an element of politics being injected into the process. Please be a part of what makes this country great. Be a risk-taker. Get out there - do your business. After the initial sheltering worked to keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed, we should assume the mantle of courageous Americans that has forged our incredible history and get this country back to work. Let’s continue to protect the medically fragile, but let us never give in to fear or to the taking away of our freedoms because of someone else’s fear. Ultimately, there is a good chance we will all contract the virus. There’s also a good chance you already have and had no symptoms. Did you know this will be the case with 99% of people who contract the virus? 1% of those people exposed will show some type of significant health problem and of that 1%, 10% will die. It is tragic when anyone’s life is cut short. But it happens tens of thousands of times every single day. You have more risk going anywhere in a car. Since when did our great country become a people who cower in fear? Since when did our people let industries fail and the economy crash because they are too afraid to get sick? The odds of dying are still 100% and if that scares you to think about, I invite you to think about it hard. You and I are going to die someday - maybe soon - maybe a long time from now. It is a blessing that we do not know exactly when. But it also behooves us to prepare now for that one undeniable certainty that comes with this life. Get ready. Now - that’s the worst that can happen. The next worst is to starve and suffer a slow death because you were too frightened to provide for yourself. “Ah but the government has money,” you say. “And the government will help me.” you say. The government has run out of our money. The first stimulus package borrowed from our children and grandchildren. The next one will be borrowing from our great grandchildren. We may dig a debt hole so deep we can never as a nation escape. What will happen then? The government will ultimately have to break some of its promises. We are not in danger of becoming another Greece or Venezuela in the next year or so, but why engage in behavior that leads down that path? Let’s just stop. Face our fears, get back to work, maybe we get sick, maybe we die. But let’s live while we live in joy and purpose not cowering in our homes in fear. 


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