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Jan 18, 2023

You need a coach. How do I know? Because no one sees themself truly objectively. Tiger Woods was the best golfer in the world by a long shot and he never competed without a swing coach. You want to play a sport? Get a coach. You want to run a business? Get a coach. Want to invest in real estate? Get a coach. And I’ve got a great one coming today. You’ll meet Chris Prefontaine in just a few moments. As you’re about to hear, Chris has been in the real estate business a long time and he’s been helping others get into the business for a long time. He’s written at least four books - because that’s how many he sent me. He’s a master of creative deal structure. He knows how to live and invest in competitive areas with high prices. We all can learn from Chris - I know I already have and I’m excited to share this interview with you today. The last time I had a real estate coach on the show, I was surprised at how many of you asked me something to this effect: Hey Roger, you’re a coach. Why are you helping promote your competitors on your show? I haven’t addressed this before and I’m not going to take a lot of time with it now. The answer is, I don’t have competitors in this business. I have potential partners and I have friends. There is plenty of room for us all. A good living, financial freedom, and time freedom can be enjoyed by everyone who does well in this business - there is no one single winner. I believe in abundance, I believe in collaborative capitalism, and I believe in the law of sowing and reaping. As I sow a spirit of helpfulness and collaboration into the world, I find that help comes to me when I need it. It’s not always from the same people, but it comes all the same. If we all help each other we will all get what we need. That’s been my philosophy and my answer to that challenge for years. I don’t see it changing.