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Oct 15, 2018

FAR 197 Leslie Smith, Commercial Direct

Expected Air Date: 10/15/18


Leslie Smith led the launch of Silver Hill Funding in 2016, and is building on that experience to spearhead the launch of the consumer-facing direct lender, Commercial Direct. An experienced financial services professional and thought leader with more than 20 years in the industry, she has been instrumental in leading multiple initiatives that expanded companies into international markets, as well as developing systems and programs to drive operational productivity and efficiency.

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Guest:  Leslie Smith, Commercial Direct Lending

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  • Sonia, Madison, WI “I was channel surfing while driving through Milwaukee the other day and caught a bit of your show. Good information. I’ve love those house flipping TV shows! How would a person go about getting into this business?”
  • Sandra, Long Beach, CA “I’m thinking about buying a couple of rental houses up in the Valley but at over 2 hours of driving each way, I don’t want to have to be running up there every time someone needs a light bulb changed. What options do I have?”
  • Kwame, Cincinatti, OH, “Do I take a great deal on an old house with a big rehab or an ok deal on a 6 year old house with a light rehab. I listen to you show - I can’t do both.”
  • Samuel, Pittsburgh, PA, “Do you think the Steelers have a realistic shot at the Super Bowl this year? Just kidding. My real question is after Saturday do you think Notre Dame should still be a top ten team? Still kidding. Seriously, what are the best 2 or 3 ways to look for my next rental? I have a good job, just trying to buy 1 rental every year. I have 2 already. I bought the first one before I heard of you and bought the second one after listening to your show for awhile. The second one is doing much better. I like managing myself and plan to do that until I get to 8 or 10.”
  • Risa, Atlanta, GA and San Juan, PR. “Are the principles for investing on the mainland the same as in Puerto Rico? I’m thinking about buying a vacation rental back home.”

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