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Sep 27, 2018

FAR 191 Steve Rigby, Selling with SMILE

Expected Air Date: 9/27/18


Thank you Kathy Curtis! Today our guest is Steve Rigby, author of the book “S.M.I.L.E. How a People First Philosophy Creates Extraordinary Sales.” In our conversation we are going to break down the major points of his book and talk about specific ways to improve our relationships as a way of increasing sales. For nearly two decades, Steve Rigby served the homebuilding industry as both a student and a teacher of selling, managing, and training. Steve was responsible for directing the sales efforts for three of the nation’s top-ten public homebuilders. As a result, those companies experienced tremendous growth with very healthy bottom lines. In the past decade plus, Steve has continued to prove his proficiency as a thought leader through his own business, New Wings Consulting, LLC, which serves companies across a variety of industries. As he’s accustomed to seeing, those companies are also experiencing tremendous growth and very healthy bottom lines. Steve resides on Lake Travis, just outside Austin, Texas  with his wife, Susan, their two horses, Blondie and Envy, and their dog, Drizzle. If you’re up for a visit, he and Susan conduct retreats at their cabin on the lake. Those who have been there will tell you it’s something worth considering!

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Guest:  Steve Rigby

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  • Note from staff: So what ARE you saying about the market over the next 12 months?  Here are Flipping America we are continually monitoring a number of data points not just in the Atlanta market but nationally. Data points include default rate and mortgage rate (not the same thing and they are at historic lows right now), Home sales volume (trends), Home prices (year over year trends) and new construction starts. There are other factors that are more difficult to quantify in a chart, but we pay attention to lending guideline changes, the sales of sub-prime loans on the secondary market (hint: securitization of those loans never stopped), and the impact of mortgage interest rates to name a few. In our view, the collapse of 2007-08 was unprecedented and unlikely to be repeated in our lifetime. But the real estate market does correct and is somewhat cyclical. We are projecting a return to a balanced market (3 month supply of homes) in the next 6-12 months. This means it will take a little longer to sell, investors will have to put more effort into selling, but there will be more inventory to buy as well. Coastal regions will likely see price reductions over the next 12 months, but the rest of the country will see above average increase in values (around 5-6%) for the next year. We think Atlanta will finish 2018 with a 7% year over year gain but this will slow down in 2019.
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